Dr. Gang Lu

Office Address

515, Science & Technology Building

Mailing Address

Mail Box 4, No. 15 Beisanhuan East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, P.R. China



Research Interests

       My research interests now are about Complex Networks and Social Computing, and HPC techniques for large complex networks, such as GPGPU and distributed computing.
       Complex Networks, which is also called as Network Science, has developed rapidly in the past years, and it can be applied in many researching fields. Microblog is an important type of SNS. The most famous microblog is Twitter. The users of microblog form a huge network by following each other. Messages spread in the network by the users’ posting and reposting. I’m very interested in how to apply the theory of Complex Networks in microblog at present, including modeling the user relationship network of microblog, and the message propagation in the network.
       Large scale complex networks result in some problems on computing efficiency. As a result, I’m interested in any HPC technique for analyzing large scale network, including GPGPU, Hadoop/Spark, ad-hoc distributed computing, and so on.

Working/Education Experience

      I started my study in Beijing University of Chemical Technology since 1999. My major was Computer Science & Technology. I got my B.S. degree in 2003. After that, I continued to study in the same university for my M.S. degree. However, in May, 2005, I had an opportunity to start research as a Ph.D. candidate directly. In 2008, I got my Ph.D. degree. Afterwards, I stayed in my laboratory as a teacher.

Teaching Courses

      I give lectures to undergraduate students on the subject of Fundamentals of Computers, Computer Systems Architecture, Fundamentals of Software Technology, Computer Network, and Literature Searching & Scientific Writing.


1.Beijing Higher Education Young Elite Teacher Project (北京市青年英才计划项目), YETP506, 2013-2015. ¥150,000 (In Charge)
2.The Research for Complex Networks Topology and Propagation Model of Online Social Networks, Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (中央高校基本科研业务费), ZZ1224, 2012-2014. ¥120,000 (In Charge)
3.Intelligent Transportation System of Crude Oil Pipeline for Baling Petrochemical Corp. (巴陵石化公司供销部原油长输管道智能输送系统开发), BL22JK-10-JK-0003, 2010-2011. ¥70,000 of ¥720,000(Main Participant)
4.Task Management System for Safety Assessment of Power Enterprises (电力企业安全评测任务管理系统), H2009210, 2009-2010, ¥95,000 (In Charge)


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