Associate Prof./Dr. Haisheng Chen

Office Address

Kejidasha 411#

Mailing Address

Mail Box 4, No. 15 Beisanhuan East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, P.R. China (100029)



Research Interests

(1)Complex chemical process modeling and optimization
(2)Synthesis and design of complex chemical process
(3)Dynamics and control of complex chemical process
(4)Advanced process control

Working/Education Experience

2010~2011 Research assistant, Department of automation, Beijing university of chemical technology
2011~2014 Ph.D., Control science and engineering, Beijing university of chemical technology
2014~2018 Lecturer, Department of automation, Beijing university of chemical technology
2018~present Associate professor, Department of automation, Beijing university of chemical technology

Teaching Courses

1. Process control engineering
2. Process detection technology
3. MATLAB Simulation for control system
4. Basic of MATLAB Application
5. Operation, control, and optimization of industrial chemical processes


(1)01/2016~12/2019: National Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 21576014): Intensifying Reactive Distillation with External Recycles — System Design and Control
(2)01/2015~12/2016: The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (Grant No. ZX1503): Systematic Intensify Reactive Distillation: Design and Control with External Recycle


[1] Chen H., L. Zhang, K. Huang, Y. Yuan, X. Zong, S. F. Wang, L. Liu; “Reactive Distillation Columns with Two Reactive Sections: Feed Splitting plus External Recycle,” Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification, 108, 189?196 (2016).
[2] Chen, H., K. Huang, W. Liu, L. Zhang, S. Wang, and S. J. Wang; “Enhancing Mass and Energy Integration by External Recycle in Reactive Distillation Columns,” AIChE Journal, 59(6), 2015?2032 (2013).
[3] Chen, H., K. Huang, L. Zhang, and S. Wang; “Reactive Distillation Columns with a Top-Bottom External Recycle,” Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 51(44), 14473?14488 (2012).
[4] Chen, H., K. Huang, and S. Wang; “A Novel Simplified Configuration for an Ideal Heat-Integrated Distillation Column (Ideal HIDiC),” Separation and purification technology, 73(2), 230?242 (2010).