Dr.Hongjie Wan

Title: associate professor
Email: wanhj@mail.buct.edu.cn
Office Address: Room 406, Information Building
Phone: 010-6434931
Mailing Address: Mail Box 4, No. 15 Beisanhuan East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, P.R. China

Research Interests
Audio and image signal processing
Bayesian signal processing
Pattern recognition and Machine Learning
Embedded system

Education Experience
1996-2000 Xi'an Jiaotong University, Communication Engineering, Bachelor degree
2000-2005 Chinese Academy of Sciences, Signal and Information processing, Ph.d

Teaching Courses
Communication Electronic Circuit
Speech Signal Processing
Electronic information comprehensive curriculum design
Internet of Things

Graduate Enrollment
Diligent and dependable students majoring in computer science and communication engineering are welcomed., please contact me by email in advance.

Selected Publications
1.Hongjie Wan, Xin Ma, Xuebin Li,"Variational Bayesian learning for removal of sparse impulsive noise from speech signals",Digital signal processing,2017,Vol.73 :106-116.(SCI)
2.HongJie Wan,Liang Xiao,"Variational bayesian learning for robust ar modeling with the presence of sparse impulse noise",Digital signal processing,2016,Vol.59 :1-8.(SCI)
3.CUI Xiang, WAN Hongjie, XIAO Liang, et al. Legendre sequence based deterministic measurement matrix. Computer Engineering and Applications, 2016, 52£¨16£©£º 116-120.(In Chinese)
4.HongJie Wan, XueGang Chen, WeiGuo Lin, HaoJiang Deng, "Optical Fiber Pipeline Data Compression based on Segment Sequential Compressed Sensing", Information Technology Journal, 12 (14):2851-2856,2013. (EI)
5.HongJie Wan, HaoJiang Deng, XiaoMing Xie, QiaoNing Yang, ¡°An adaptive compressed sensing algorithm of optical fiber pipeline pre-warning data¡±, International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking, 6(4), p 167-180, 2013. (EI)
6.HongJie Wan, Xuegang Chen, HaoJiang Deng, Xiang Cui, ¡°RVM based compressed sensing for optical fiber pipeline data compression¡±, Journal of Applied Sciences, 13(10), p 1877-1882, 2013. (EI)
7.HongJie Wan, HaoJiang Deng, ¡°Adaptive Sequential Compressed Sensing for Pipeline Data Compression¡±, International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its applications, 6(21), p 152-160, 2012. (EI)
8.HongJie Wan, HaoJiang Deng, ¡°A hybrid algorithm with GA and DAEM¡±, International Conference on Graphic and Image Processing, v8768, 2012. (EI)