Dr. Jin

Office Address

Room 501, Technology Building

Mailing Address

Mail Box 4, No. 15 Beisanhuan East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, P.R. China



Research Interests

1.Advanced control and its application in industry
2.System identification
3.Modeling and simulation
4.Optimal control

Working/Education Experience

1996.3-1999.3: Northeastern University, Doctor's degree in Control Theory and Control Engineering
1993.9-1996.3: Northeast Petroleum University, Master's degree in Control Theory and Control Engineering
1989.9-1993.7: Liaoning University of Petroleum and Chemical China, Bachelor's degree in Metrology and Measurement

Teaching Courses

Computer Control Technique
Computer Control System
Advanced Control Theory and Technology


National natural science foundation of China: researches on robust identification of system models in the presence of complex heavy-tailed noises [61673004].


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[2]Jin Q , Du X , Jiang B . Novel Centralized IMC-PID Controller Design for Multivariable Processes with Multiple Time Delays[J]. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2017, 56(15).
[3]Jin Q , Liu Q. Multi-loop PI/PID controllers design for disturbance rejection based on non-parametric effective model and non-convex optimisation[J]. IET Control Theory & Applications, 2014, 8(15):1499-1512.
[4]Jin Q , Wang Z , Yang R , et al. An effective direct closed loop identification method for linear multivariable systems with colored noise[J]. Journal of Process Control, 2014, 24(5):485-492.
[5]Jin Q, Wang H, Su Q, et al. A novel optimization algorithm for MIMO Hammerstein model identification under heavy-tailed noise.[J]. Isa Trans, 2018, 72:77-91.