Prof. Xiao-Liang Guo/郭霄亮,副教授,硕士生导师

Office Address

Computing Building

Mailing Address

Mail Box 4, No. 15 Beisanhuan East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, P.R. China/p>


Research Interests

(1) 先进微流控芯片(Advanced Microfluidic and Lab-on-a-Chip system)
(2) 生物医学诊断装置与仪器(Biomedical instrument and device)
(3)智能健康医疗可穿戴设备与柔性传感系统(Wearable medical devices and intelligent flexible sensing system)

Working/Education Experience

Bachelor, Harbin Institute of Technology,2007-2011
Ph.D, Tsinghua University,2011-2016

Awards,Academic part-time

MEMS & NEMS Society of China, member of a council.
Talanta 等国际学术期刊审稿人
Journal reviewers of Talanta etc.

Teaching Courses

(1) 误差理论 Error Theory and Data Processing (graduate)
(2) 误差理论与数据分析 Error Theory and Data Processing (undergraduate)
(3) 科技论文写作 Scientific Writing (undergraduate)


1.北京化工大学引进人才项目“基于光致介电泳的DNA分子分选方法研究” 项目号BUCTRC201814,负责人。


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[1] 单细胞阵列微芯片及其制造、电测量和电穿孔方法
[2] 在芯片结构的目标电极上实现金纳米阵列结构制备方法
[3]Single cell array microchip and fabrication, electrical measurement and electroporation method thereof 授权号: US20140323351 A1 (已授权, 国际专利)

Invited Lecture

Single cell positioning, electrical measurement and electroporation,Tianjin University.
单细胞定位、电测量、电穿孔; 天津大学