zheng's photoI am a professor in Department of Computer Science, College of Information Science and Technology at Beijing University of Chemical Techology.

I hold a PhD degree in Computer Science from King's College London, supervised by Mark Harman and Nicolas Gold

My research interests are software testing in combination with search-based techniques, source code analysis, program slicing and state based model slicing and testing. I orgnized the Chinese Search bases Software Engineering workshops (csbse.org) since 2011.

I am teaching Software Engineering and Program Analysis during 2018-2019.

Visit my profiles at Google, Microsoft Academic, DBLP and ORCID

I serve IEEE SCAM working conference as Steering Committee member since 2017.


-- Since May, 2005

* 2019 *
PC Member: TAIC-PART 2019 , SCAM2019

* 2018 *
PC Member: ICSME2018, SCAM2018

* 2017 *
General Chair: SCAM2017
Program Chair: NASAC 2017 English Track
PC Member: ICSME2017, SBST2017, SSBSE 2017, TAICPART 2017

* 2016 *
PC Member: SBST2016, SCAM2016, SSBSE 2016, SATE 2016, NASAC 2016 (English Tract)

* 2015 *
Publicity chair of the ICST 2015
PC Member: TAIC PART 2015, SCAM2015, ESEM 2015

* 2014 *
PC Member:IEEE/ACM AST 2014, TAIC PART 2014, SBST 2014, SSBSE 2014 SCAM2014, 2nd Interference and Dependence (ID) workshop

* 2013 *
PC Member: CSMR-18/WCRE-21, ICSM2013, SCAM2013, WCRE2013, GECCO-2013(SBSE), 3rd Regression Testing
Guest Editor for the SCAM 2012 Special Issue of JSEP

* 2012 *
Program co-chair of SCAM2012
Co-chair of special Session (Software Analysis and Testing with Intelligent Techniques) for SEKE 2012
PC Member: ICSM2012, 2nd Int. Workshop on Regression Testing

* Previous *
PC member of the ICSM 2011, SCAM 2009 and SCAM 2010 and SCAM 2011
Workshop Co-chair of ICST'09
Publicity & Web Chair In the SCAM 2007, SCAM 2008, SCAM 2009, SCAM 2010 and SCAM 2011
Guest Editor for the TAIC PART 2007 Special Issue of JSS
Guest Editor for the TAIC PART 2006 Special Issue of STVR
Project Manager of ASTReNet (2005-2008)